The Blue Ribbon Market, not the cafe, is a little place in the west village where you can find some of the best bread this city has to offer; including flavored ciabattas (arugula, rosemary…), country bread, baguettes, rye, 9 grains…. some of them with organic alternatives.

They also have a wonderful selection of Mexican raw honey, with flavors like Mesquite Blossom, Autumn Flower, Veracruz Orange, MT Mexteca and Golden Reserve

Seasoned salts, flavored sugars, cheese and eggs from local farms, pickles, smoked fish olive oil, the best baklava ever with made real honey…. and now the selection really begins to fill out.

Prepared open toasts with all sorts of toppings like honey and manchego cheese,  or herring and pickled onions are just a bonus – try to have with one of their daily soups.

Mexican Honey

But beyond all the tantalizing foods and top quality ingredients, once again we find service is king.  The staff here is ALWAYS on top of their game and easy with a smile.  This is one of the places that makes you feel great about spending your money there.

Honey Manchego cheese toast

Blue Ribbon Bakery Market

14 Bedford Street ( 6Ave. – Downing St. ) New York, NY 10014

11:00 – 20:00  Monday – Friday
  9:00 – 18:00  Saturday and Sunday

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