A few steps behind St. Stephens Cathedral (Stephansdom) you will find the Café Central.  Quite cute and full of so many of Vienna’s tasty pastries it is difficult to choose.

Another of the many fine examples of the Viennese coffeehouse the Café Central is a great place to escape the throngs.

Top coffeehouses in Vienna
Top coffeehouses in Vienna
Top coffeehouses in Vienna

Café Diglas

43 (1) 512 5765
Grünangergasse 1
1010 Wien – Austria



1 Comments on “Café Diglas – Vienna

  1. We visited the cafe again after last year’s very nice experience, with good food and nice piano music. Unfortunately this year (Wednesday”s evening visit), the welcoming from the waiter (or the person responsible for leading us to a table) was very impolite, saying that there were no more tables available near to the piano playing (although there were a couple, one of them with a reserved on it mark) we were led to a corridor next to the main hall where there were small uncomfortable tables (we were five of us, including a five year old child ) we were asked to sit there, as this was the only available place, although we said that we could wait for some time in case one of the other tables was freed. It was late so we decided to stay there, even in this somewhat cramped table, but after two hours, when we finished and decided to leave, the table with the reserved sign was still being empty, with no one occupying it, plus there were at least 7 to 8 empty tables….
    Regarding the food all the plates orders were quite good except the goat cheese salad which had too much cheese and every little salad!

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