Case Blanca is an adorable guest house created by interior decorator Carlos Cubillos. Who’s loving touch can be seen in all aspects of the design.  His ambiance gives you the feeling that you live there; One doesn’t feel like a guest, so much as a part of a larger family.  The family of whomever is there at the time- be they staff, patrons or Carlos himself.

The building resides in the ‘San Diego’ district of the old city.  Just outside the tourist path, but close enough to be a short walk from everything.  It consists of 4 guest rooms, a small pool and roof deck.  Adorned with paintings and works by the superbly talented and poignant artist Pedro Ruiz, Casa Blanca becomes a refuge from the heat and bustle that is Cartagena.  There are many days that we forwent the outside world and whiled away the day in a hammock- just being.

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The key to this family is the staff.  They take care of you and give the feeling of welcome with their ever-present positiveness.  The day starts with the included breakfast, some warm sun, lounging by the pool — just writing about it now, I pine for that feeling of purity.

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Painting by Pedro Ruiz


Hotels in Cartagena, Colombia
Living Room Common Area

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca

(57)  1 – 664 5433
(57) 310 – 856 0249
Calle de la Tablada, No. 7-66, San Diego, Cartagena,  Colombia

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  1. Les agradecería me informen disponibilidad y precio para las noches del 3 y 4/8 (salida el 5/8) para matrimonio.
    Desde ya muchas gracias

    • Hola Carlos,
      Esto es nuestro blog de viajes. Por favor contacta ellos directamente;
      y dígales que usted obtuvo su información de Ondina hasta A Blog Voyage!

      (57) 1 – 664 5433
      (57) 310 – 856 0249

  2. I have been there long time ago with a friend of mine, Chantal. I was exhausted!!! I loved the furniture, the kitchen and the small pool, your kindness!!! Such a great memory. Thank you ( Ruzica)

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