Maimon Sushi – Kanazawa

Maimon Sushi has a few locations around the Kanazawa area.  Packed with locals, the quality of the fish is excellent and everything is super fresh; showing why Ishikawa is fabled as one of the top seafood provinces in Japan !!


Higashiyama Higashi Chaya District

Kanazawa is a lovely city on the northern coast of Japan, on the island of Honshu about 500km and a pleasant Shinkansen train ride form Tokyo. Kanazawa is known for its castle, gardens and three lovely historical edo-era geisha districts.

+ entrance to ginro robotoya

Ginro 銀炉 – Kanazawa

Ginro – or Silver Furnace – a Robota-Yaki opened October 2015 and offered a parade of lovely dishes in an ambiance combining the modern and ancient; a feeling one gets often traveling around the wonderful nation of Japan


Kanazawa Train Station

Disembarking in Kanazawa you are greeted by the wooden Tsuzumimon;  the 2005 interpretation of a traditional gate to Shinto shrine.  It  is inspired by a Japanese traditional drum called tsunami. Exploring  around the station finds a few shopping malls, plenty of restaurants, and clean, affordable, practical hotels.