Hotel Lupaia – Tuscany

Tucked in the hills of Val d’Orcia, staring at Montepulciano, Italy, Hotel Lupaia is everything you dream about in a 15th Century Tuscan farmhouse..


Petit Comité – Barcelona

When in Barcelona, consider a visit to the informal restaurant of Michelin stared chef Nandu Jubany . You can learn more about Jubany as he is a member of the “Science & Cooking” talks at Harvard University.

The restaurant itself is of modern design, with clean lines and a general air of significance. A combination of formality and professionalism abound.

Our amuse bouche was a calamari salad and potato pillows


Les Cols – Olot

In the remote town of Olot in la Garrotxa, a volcanic area in the north of Catalonia; chef Fina Puigdevall – with the help of RCR Architects – put forth Les Cols; a stunning two star Michelin restaurant; voted most beautiful in the world by a handful of publications.


Istanbul – Turkey

Being naturally untrusting New Yorkers in Istanbul, we were always looking for the catch; the “what’s in it for them”. However, in the end we had to admit that there was no catch. The local people were truly helpful, polite and caring! Istanbul is a wonderful city!


Santa Caterina Market – Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market, is the oldest covered food market in Barcelona. It is much less touristic then the Boqueria and the wares are pure Cataluña, with fresh seafood in all its forms.