Bar Cañete – Barcelona

Bar Cañete is a wonderful Catalunian tapas bar.  It came highly recommended by a local bohemian foodie.  It is quite the institution
We’ll let the photos do the talking .. but please be sure that Bar Cañete is worth seeking out!


Bar Mut – Barcelona

We found and fell in love with Barmut over our kitchen table in New York City. Chef Albert Mendiola’s anti-promo video on the website is more like a Jim Jarmousch’s Vampire film “Only Lovers left Alive”, then an enticing view of his moody and delectable establishment.


Coure – Barcelona, Spain

With its discreet entrance and residential location, Coure is there for those that who are looking for it; it is not the grand tourist attraction that it should be! Chef Albert Ventura and pastry chef Joan Grimal have conceived a wonderful station for the modern creative delights of Catalan cuisine.


Les Cols Pavellons – Olot, Spain

The Pavellons at Les Cols is not the hotel for everyone; we recommend reading other reviews before booking. For us it was a dream location, painful to leave and first in our hearts to return!

Miramar – Girona, Spain

Instant happiness, when the brought out the amuse bouche: A collection of fragile, crunchy delights. Followed by breads so flaky and decadent, it was difficult not to over indulge.

Elegance emanates from the dining room overlooking the sea. In contrast to the stark whites and the long ocean; the plating is strongly influenced by the Catalan surrealistic artist artists from Joan Miró to Luis Buñuel and the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.