Oaxaca Textile Museum

The Oaxaca Textile Museum (Museo Textil de Oaxaca or MTO) is an hour well spent. The MTO delves into the creative processes traditional to Oaxaca. Laying out a broad spectrum of designs and techniques for the design & manufacture of textiles. The Museum offers open and professional workshops if interested plan Taking those special to Oaxaca, Mexico to the world. The Oaxaca Textile Museum… Read More

Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre – CDMX

The Expendio de Maiz sin Nombre is an informal taqueria. At its heart is a formal dedication to and celebration of corn. Three simple questions greet you … “How hungry are you?” and “Do you have any food allergies?”, “What do you like?”


Tienda Q – design shop in Oaxaca

Everything, everywhere is bold. The Tienda Q design shop in Oaxaca, is straddling the line between gallery & boutique.


Hotel Escondido in Oaxaca

Escape to the Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Mexico. The hotel is alluring, the rooms beyond private, the beach empty and the vibe … a bit corporate. If you manage your stay in advance; you can experience lovely abandon. While the rooms are comfortable and private; the consumables can be a bit bland. Luckily, as you are in Oaxaca, it is easy to bring your own!… Read More