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100 Posts !!!

Hello all We’re very happy and proud that we have finally put together 100 posts here on A Blog Voyage. It is always interesting to put your experiences and thoughts out to the world without knowing how they are received or if anyone is really paying attention! In that way, I guess blogs are a bit like SETI! But we are feeling quite good… Read More


Caravan Boutique Spitalfield’s Market London

Caravan Gift Shop is a wonderful ‘flea market chic’ boutique, in the heart of Spitalfield’s market, London with an array of charming little objects. They tantalize with their complete needlessness and their absolutely irresistibility.


Times of Change

Hello all –Apologize for the lack of posts recently. We are preparing for a big trip and have been a bit busy with that. Look for a return to force in January of 2010!! Thank you all!