We visited Cole Coffee (formerly Royal Coffee) on the recommendation of our local coffee clan at Abraço here in NYC.  This was their “go to” place when they lived out in Oakland.   They make an excellent drip and you can choose from several different varieties.  They offer some baked goods, excellent fresh sandwiches, and a simple set of poached eggs.  Outside the cafe, there is a retail store to purchase all kinds of freshly roasted beans.

The real appeal of Cole Coffee- outside the delicious brews of course- is the nice outdoor seating and the excellent social scene.  It was quite obviously the spot for the locals.  There was a great mix of people, if I lived in the area, I would surely be one of the hangers out!

best Berkeley Coffee
Cole Coffee
Berkeley Cole Coffee
Berkeley Coffee
Berkeley Coffee

Cole Coffee

(1) 510 – 653 5453
6255 College Avenue
Berkeley, California 94618


7 :00 – 17:00  daily

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