The largest vegetable, fruit, cereals, and grain supply market in Colombia, and the largest we have visited in the world. 420,000 square meters with 57 warehouses and 6,500 vendors. A daily movement of 12.400 tonnes of produce.  Visiting Corabastos makes you ask how there could possibly be a hungry person in this world.  There is SO MUCH FOOD!

If you can, the best time to go is about 7:00am.  Corabastos is not tourist-friendly, so never go alone.  Also, keep in mind to dress down so as not to attract attention from the occasional pick more pocket; keep your wallet in a safe place and hide your camera when not shooting.

If you actually intend on buying food, remember this is a wholesale market.  The smallest amounts sold are individual crates or boxes.  You can hire a porter for a few thousand pesos to walk with you and bring your boxes along for the journey.

Header photo © Victoria Holguin

If you are a serious market-eer, then it is well worth the trip.  The sheer scale and smell is something we have seen nowhere else.  Try imagining 30m x 50m of nothing but carrots 3m high!  Corabastos is on the edges of Bogota, about a one hour plus drive from central areas.

Corabastos Produce Market

(57) 1 453 7188 Av. Carrera 80 No. 2 – 51, Bogota, Colombia

OPEN HOURS: 4:00 – 13:00 Daily

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