On the edge of Oaxaca’s historical city center lies the best restaurant in Oaxaca, a must-go destination for food lovers.

Criollo restaurant Oaxaca is the combined effort of the world-renowned developer and architect Javier Sánchez, the creative talent behind Condesa DF hotel in Mexico city, and chef Enrique Olvera from Pujol. Together they have created a playground kitchen, dessert garden and guest house.

Criollo is dedicated to exploring and preserving the traditional Oaxacan cooking techniques. It is also a canvas for chefs to experiment, improve and share their knowledge through extensive internship programs. Criollo thrives by keeping its doors open to chefs and cooks from all over the world. In Mexico City, you will find many staff members who began their careers by walking through those open doors.

ingredients at Criollo the Best restaurant in Oaxaca

While Enrrique Olvera is the backing force at Criollo, chef Luis Arellano is the spirit of the kitchen. While Chef Arellano is a major creative in the Enrique Olvera’s group, his most influential role may be its ambassador. He has spent time creating strong and supportive links with with the small farmers in the Oaxaca state. It is from these small farms that the best heirloom corn, herbs and other produce are sourced. Not only are these used in Criollo, they are also sent to the other Olvera restaurants in Mexico City and New York.

Our two meals where delicious and relaxing. We left full, but not heavy. It is good to know that Criollo does not use low quality oils or animal rendered fat in their moles or any other corn creations, as is the norm for most.

The restaurant has an expansive patio for large parties and celebrations next to the open-air comals . If you get too full or drunk ,you can spend the night as Criollo also has a small two-bedroom house that serves as B&B.

Book for both a lunch and a dinner as the are tasting menu and a la carte menu and cocktail menu all deserve exploration!

If you have the time, try to book the all day culinary class at Criollo. You will learn the techniques and history of Mexican cuisine.

Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca
Best restaurant in Oaxaca

Criollo restaurant Oaxaca:

+52 951 351 1908
Francisco I. Madero 129, Santa María del Marquesado, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., Mexico


Tuesday – Thursday: 13:30 – 17:00 Lunch
19:00 22:15 Dinner
Saturday: 10:30 – 17:00 Brunch/lunch; 19:00 22:15 Dinner
Sunday: 10:30 – 17:00 Brunch/lunch;

Best restaurant in Oaxaca

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