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Sighisoara’s Daily Market

Sighisoara Romania Just off the Strada Libertatii – turn right out of the train station, walk to and cross the bridge over the river ,a  is a little further down on the left – you will find Sighisoara’s daily food market. Villagers come by foot, car & horse drawn carriages to buy and sell produce, cheeses, meats, seasonal fruits, vegetables and scrumptious sweet and… Read More

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International Café – Sighisoara

International Café And Family Center Romanian cuisine is a bit on the heavy and very meat oriented,  this place was a blessing on our path with plenty vegetarian options,  The cafe  is part of  Veritas, a Christian organization doing social work in Romania. The Café has internet Access in the basement .  You can also buy beautiful ceramics and other  handcrafts which proceeds go… Read More

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Pizzeria Perla – Sighisoara

When you’re ready to leave the confines of the citadel, take a stroll down to Pizzeria Perla.  There you will find delicious wood fired pizza and a menagerie of locals.  Perla has both indoor and outdoor seating, so grab a table, relax and watch the Romanian world spin by.

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Sighisoara – Romania

The town of Sighisoara is made up of two parts. The lower town lies in the valley of the Tarnava Mare river, and on top of the hill known as the “Citadel” is the medieval stronghold.  This walled village was built by the Saxon colonists living in Transylvania, who had to watch over the frontiers of the Hungarian kingdom, in the 12th and 13th… Read More