+ Bath Christina West | City of Bath  –  Somerset

City of Bath – Somerset

In the South West England, there is a town that is too pretty for words. It was founded in the 1st century AD by the Romans as a thermal spa (Aquae Sulis) and thus renamed Bath.

+ Avebury Mark Kent | Avebury Ring  -  Wiltshire

Avebury Ring – Wiltshire

We gathered together outside the stone ring at Avebury – it is the world’s oldest dating from between 2,500-2,600 BC)and one of the largest with a diameter of 331.6m –  to experience a bit of druid magic.  Surprisingly enough, we did. Equipped with copper divining rods (on loan) and open minds we began the circuit allowing our steps to be guided by touch, ley lines, and… Read More

+ Dr Harris 005 | D.R Harris Apothecary  -  London

D.R Harris Apothecary – London

Entering D.R. Harris & Co Apothecary one knows they are shopping in the footsteps of giants. For futher confidence, know that in 1938 D.R. Harris was granted the Royal Warrant as Chemists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and in 2002 the warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales.

+ Konditor and Cook 000 | Konditor & Cook Bakery, London

Konditor & Cook Bakery, London

‘Konditor’ means pastry chef in German and pastry chef and creator Gerhard Jenne is German trained. This creates a wonderful combination of technique with british staples, evidenced, in what I feel confident to say, is the world’s foremost mince pie.