Being good US coffee snobs, we searched high and low for a good espresso based coffee in Hong Kong.  By far the best coffee we found was at the Wellington based Fuel Espresso.

It was the only cafe with a solid americano (what they call the Wellington Americano).  For some reason most of the coffee shops in HK  pour their Americanos weak – more of the unclean water then the mouthwatering variety!  Fuel also poured a quite tasty cappuccinos piccolos and espressos.

Fuel has two locations in HK (and a new spot in Shanghai).  We frequented the one on the third floor of the IFC mall.  It was a cozy spot in a crowded environment; featuring a pleasant staff and excellent Jazz music in the background.

Wellington Americano

Fuel Espresso Info:

(852)  2.295.3815
IFC Mall, Shop 3023, Central, Hong Kong

Open Hours:
07:30 – 19:00    Monday – Friday
10:30 – 19:00    Saturday – Sunday

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