Kyoto’s Higashiyama district is a happening area with souvenir stores, cafes, restaurants galleries and more.  Yes, it is very touristic, but try not to apply a regular tourist stop mentality that one dons in other counties.  Everything is priced accordingly to quality .

Guidebooks (and the actual guides) fail to give good directions on how find this district (1 of 11 in all Kyoto).   They all seemed to claim ‘no definite address‘!   After butting heads with taxi drivers and walking and walking and walking …  we came to the conclusion the best way to get there is asking directions to The Ryōzen Kannon; a war memorial and giant white concrete statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.  Across the main street entrance to the memorial  is an uphill walking street.  This is the best place to start your walk. See map at the end of the post.  (In our opinon, The Ryōzen Kannon is not worth the time in a city of more interesting temples and shrines.)

Hagashimaya_District 008
Hagashimaya_District Hokan-Ji 053
Hagashimaya_District 022
Hagashimaya_District 021
Hagashimaya_District 044
Hagashimaya_District 043
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Hagashimaya District seasoned rice cakes
amazake stand – a must during the cold months
Hagashimaya District – seasoned rice crackers _ amazing!!
street gallery
Hagashimaya District
Hagashimaya District
Hagashimaya District
Hagashimaya District
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Start  early before the crowds arrive at Kōdai-ji.  Take a taxi to The Ryōzen Kannon – walk up and around  the Higashiyama district streets,  stop for lunch wherever catches your eye (or just enjoy all the street samples!).  Follow this with a short walk to the Hokan-ji (Yasaka Pagoda)  and walk back uphill  and continue to Kiyomizu-dera for  the astounding evening lights.

I you want to do something fun you can rent a Kimono (his & hers) at  Kyoto Kimono Rental  at the beginning of the Higashiyama walk . Most Japanese woman and a few men rent Kimonos to tour Kyoto and other historical cities. It  is super cute, lends to wonderful photos! The rental house will also do your hair and accessorize! Returns are very easy.

Highly recommended is the the ume boshi store.  It is one of the best we found in all Japan.  We didn’t purchase enough at the cheaper tourist price and found the same brand at the Ginza Mitsokishi department store, but at a higher price.

Hagashimaya Hokan-ji (Yasaka Pagoda)
Hagashimaya Hokan-ji (Yasaka Pagoda)
Hagashimaya Hokan-ji (Yasaka Pagoda)
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Hokan-ji (Yasaka Pagoda)

Hagashimaya_District 039
Hagashimaya_District 029
Hagashimaya_District 020
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map of higashiyama district Kyoto japan
suggestedroute in pink – top right Kiyomizu-dera

Visitor Info: Higashiyama DistrictSave

Masuyachō 362-12
Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto,  Kyoto Prefecture 605-0825,  Japan

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