It’s the fierceness of the Hungarian Heros that is most striking.  They gather in a tight circle beneath the Archangel Gabriel; who rises high above them all.  These are the seven leaders of the seven Magyar tribes that conquered the Carpathian Basin in 896 and founded Hungary in the 9th century (Arpad, Elod, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, Tohotom).

These statues are magical and powerful and captivating

Cradling the column, we find a nod to modern Hungary.  A two-part semicircular colonnade displaying the rulers of the  Habsburg dynasty in chronological order…

Build for the Hungarian Millenium in 1896 to commemorate 1000 years of Hungarian history, the Hősök Tere lays between the Műcsarnok (Palace of Arts) and the Szepmuveszeti Museum  (Museum of Fine Arts) Just behind the square is the Varosliget (City Park), The Vajdahunoy Castle and a bit further on are the Szechenyi Baths (A nice walk will take you between them all).

photo © Paul Mannix

Try to get here early in the morning to avoid the tour buses or visit at the end of the day.   We were there once after dark and it was quite another magical scene.

Budapest Sightseeing
Budapest Sightseeing
photo © Kevin Hoogheem
photo © Simon Q
Budapest Sightseeing
photo © Ed Porras

Heroes Square

Hősök tere, 1146
Budapest, Hungary

header photo © Kevin Hoogheem

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