Escape to the Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Mexico. The hotel is alluring, the rooms beyond private, the beach empty and the vibe … a bit corporate. If you manage your stay in advance; you can experience lovely abandon.

While the rooms are comfortable and private; the consumables can be a bit bland. Luckily, as you are in Oaxaca, it is easy to bring your own!

Beach & Bungalows

The true attractions of Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Mexico are the beach and the bungalows.

First the beach: A perfect, empty expanse of sun & warm ocean. You look left – nothing. You look right – nothing. You look out – nothing. Aside from a few other tanning bodies; you have the world to yourself.

Second the bungalows: Spacious and private, you enjoy your own plunge pool and hammocks. Sliding doors pull wide letting in air and the delicious smells of the warm beach scrub.

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Let’s start with alcohol. The selection at the bar contains the mainstream brands and obvious varietals of Mezcal & Tequila. Its a bit of a shame as Oaxaca is the home of Mezcal. There are amazing independent, artisanal distillers, known as Mezcaleros, in the region. The suggestion is that you avoid the bar cocktails altogether. We sent back several premixed cocktails as they were loaded with sugar.

Luckily we had visited a couple of palenques (distilleries) before arriving to Hotel Escondido. We found ourselves drinking through a couple of the bottles intended as for gifts !!

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Food is where the Grupo Habitas’s shift to a more corporate structure becomes obvious. The cuisine is more tex-mex than Mexican. The cook is a local kid who appears more a surfer than a chef!

Here we have to balance the Hotel Escondido. It is positioned for the not-too-experimental foreign tourist. This is evidenced in the bleached out pop music of Justin Bieber to the use of industrial tortillas. The tortillas are quite disappointing, as even the most modest of families make their own masa for authentic tortillas. To be served tostadas from an industrial fried package, as if purchased from a discount store, is a bit underwhelming. Fortunately, we were able to convince one of the kitchen staff to order real masa for our tortillas from a local woman. They readily understood our desire for authentic cuisine! Thank you again!

Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Mexico


The hotel’s reservation department is overpriced and short on replies. We usually recommend booking directly from hotels. The rate is good, you are supporting the actual business directly. However, in the case of Grupo Habita hotels, it is much easier to reserve via Design Hotels or Tablet. You will receive better deals and cancellation policies If you are a foodie, choose without meals! Seriously, just bring provisions!!

Another point to keep in mind is getting to the hotel. If you are renting a car just follow the GPS. If you are arranging your transfer via the hotel, it would be a good idea to remind the concierge the day before and on the day of transfer. Our taxi was not booked at all after both of these confirmations. Costing us 2 hours of precious beach time!

While the Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Mexico is one of the most photogenic Mexican beach hotels; another option is to rent one of the Airbnb Houses adjacent designed by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach also responsible for the Botanical garden at Casa Wabi a few meters down the beach. Lovely and private properties like these ones are quite affordable. For our next trip; this is what we will do.

In conclusion; The Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Mexico, by Grupo Habita, is a nice hotel in a WONDERFUL location. With a little bit of advanced planning, you can ensure yourself the perfect beach escape. One where you only need to tan and eat, and drink, and to …

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