The best coffee in Cartagena de indias also opened every day (rare)  located at a small square in the old city across from the Universidad of Cartagena.

The shop has Wireless Internet Service all you need to do is buy a coffee or a pastry and ask the cashier for the code, this will give you about 30 minutes connection service so just buy another coffee and you will get more minutes.

The pastries are OK, but if you are into sweetening your palate, order a gelato from the adjacent ice cream shop. On the second floor is a pizza parlour, not bad (though it’s no Pizza al Parque); order personal pizzas at the Ice Cream Counter

Juan Valdez is also a great place to buy souvenirs and beautiful Colombian coffee to prepare at home!

Juan Valdez 011 | Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena
Juan Valdez 009 | Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena
Juan Valdez 003 | Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena
Juan Valdez 032 | Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena
Juan Valdez 008 | Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena


+(57) 5 664 2500
Plaza De la Universidad
Calle San Agustin Con Calle De La Universidad
Esquina 6-15, Cartagena, Colombia

8:00am-10:00pm every day

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