Our first experience on the fabled Shinkansen “bullet” train had us hurtling across the island of Japan from Tokyo to Kanazawa.  This experience just drove home, again, how far ahead of the world the Japanese really are with their relation to technology.

It was not so much the train itself – though it was impeccable, as fast as you think it was, and quieter then you think it can be.  It is the will to create the tracks.  So straight, so flat – they cut through rather then go around.

above photo © 663highland

Disembarking in Kanazawa you are greeted by the wooden Tsuzumimon;  the 2005 interpretation of a traditional gate to Shinto shrine.  It  is inspired by a Japanese traditional drum called tsuzumi.

The interior of the station has a lofty dome named the ‘Motenashi  Dome’ translated as “Welcome Dome”.

Exploring  around the station finds a few shopping malls, plenty of restaurants, and clean, affordable, practical hotels.

Above Photo ©  owen4green

Kanazawa Train Station

1-1 Kinoshinbo-machi
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

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