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Kaymaklı Underground City

Cappadocia, Turkey

18:00 – 21:00   Daily

About 19 km from Nevşehir, hidden from view, are a total of 36 underground cities.

Built in the soft volcanic rock by the Phrygians, an Indo-European people, in the 8th–7th centuries B.C.; they consist of hundreds of tunnels and decent to as much as 8 floors below ground! Through the deep miles of tunnels, Kaymaklı was connected with much the older and deepest underground city of  Derinkuyu.  Currently only 4 of the cities are open to the public.

These cities were developed so entire populations could hide from the relentless waves of conquests that travelled through the Turkish passageway linking Europe and Asia.

Kaymaklı was used in the Byzantine era, for protection from  Arabs during the Arab–Byzantine wars (780-1180).

During the XIV century it was used for protection from the Mongolian incursions of Timur; entire populations cowering underground as the hordes of Genghis Kahn rode past!!!

Even as late as the 20th century  the underground cityes of Cappadocia served as refuges from the periodic waves of Ottoman persecution

As you pass through these warrens, you can’t help but imagining them bustling with life – as entire lives began and ended out of site of the sun!

Text: https://www.goreme.com/kaymakli-underground-city.php

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