Japanese restaurants are always such a wonderful experience.  The otaku culture finds  a wonderful outlet in creative cuisine.  The plating alone makes one anticipate and salivate for each dish, casting an eye towards the kitchen door.

Since 2006, one can find the small restaurant Kyotofu just a few blocks off time square.  A savior when venturing in the theatre district, with its endless rows of xeroxed fare, the exquisitely designed eatery specializes in small plates and variety of uhmm-inducing desserts.  The sweets are guilt -free, being delicious and light at the same time!  They also create perfect macaroons and others sweets to take home.  The chocolate cupcakes can create a serious addiction,while the heart shaped ones can make lovely gift a in their elegant packaging.

Kyotofu  - New York
Kyotofu  - New York
Green Tea Soba Noodles served chilled with a soy-sake broth, daikon & wasabi
Kyotofu  - New York
From front to back: Matcha green tea crème brûlée
Warm chocolate cake with passion fruit mochi
Raspberry tofu no-bake cheesecake
  – photo  ©  Meng He

Kyotofu  - New York
Roasted Kabocha And Chestnut Soup Japanese pumpkin, kombu & daikon
Kyotofu  - New York
Black Sesame Sweet Tofu hoji-cha roasted green tea syrup, black sesame tuile & goji berry
Kyotofu  - New York


Japanese Restaurant & Dessert Bar
(1) 212 974 6012
705 9th Ave, New York NY 10019 (Btw 48th – 49th St)

Unfortunately closed

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  1. The restaurant is closed now but they still make gluten free pastries and they are sold at Wholefoods

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