+ Hacienda Venecia 016 | Hacienda Venecia  –  Caldas

Hacienda Venecia – Caldas

Hacienda Venecia is a full operational coffee farm  in the picturesque zona cafetera in Colombia; Not far from Manizales, a 6 hour drive from Medellin. There are many different farms to visit in the rolling green paradise of the zone cafetera; pick one and go !

+ Alma CTG 020 | Alma  –  Cartagena

Alma – Cartagena

Alma has excellent service, cool AirCon and good wifi speed. Sit and hide during the heat of the day. A great place to have a good coffee, bite of lunch and get some work done while visiting Cartagena, Colombia.

+ Corabastos 005 | Corabastos  -  Bogota, Colombia

Corabastos – Bogota, Colombia

Corabastos (57) 1 453 7188 Av. Carrera 80 No. 2 – 51 Bogota, Colombia www.corabastos.com.co OPEN HOURS: 4:00 – 12:00 Daily   The largest vegetable, fruit, cereals and grain supply market in Colombia, and the largest we have visited in the world. 420,000 square meters  with 57 warehouses and 6,500 vendors. A daily movement of 12.400 tonnes of produce.  Visiting Corabastos makes you ask how there… Read More

+ Grazia 006 | Maison Grazia  -  Bogota, Colombia

Maison Grazia – Bogota, Colombia

Maison Grazia (57) 1 702-1115 Calle 69#5-04 Bogotá, Colombia www.maisongrazia.com OPEN HOURS: 7:00am -7:00pm   Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am -5:00pm   Sunday As of 2013, Maison Grazia is the best pastry shop in all Colombia.  French pastry chef Raphael Haasz, formerly of Daniel in NYC ,and his lovely Colombian wife Claudia Oyuelo (head chef – trained at the French Culinary Institute also in NY and  also… Read More