As of 2013, Maison Grazia is the best pastry shop in Colombia.  French pastry chef Raphael Haasz, formerly of Daniel in NYC, and his lovely Colombian wife Claudia Oyuelo (head chef – trained at the French Culinary Institute also in NY and also worked at Daniel) bring to Colombia a taste of elegant food.  In a city where most restaurants are just a mediocre discolored copy of European and American favorites, this is sorely needed!

Beyond the beautiful fact that they bring excellent quality, attention to detail, top ingredients, they bring knowledge and education to the local palates via their short classes.  For example, Grazia is probably the only place in Colombia that you can find real ice-cream.  Prepared in a classic way, with an actual diary, eggs, cream, flavor, and NO corn syrup!   an absolute joy for every foodie and ex-pat in the country :)

There are also madeleines served out of the oven (the traditional french way).  Serving Breakfast, Brunch, lunch, coffee, tea time, and early drinks – anytime is the perfect time to go.

The viennoiseries and bread, always better just out of the Oven, were a part of our daily schedule during our last months in Bogota.  We used to buy them a day ahead and know the baking schedule, arriving just as they were ready to pull apart in a crusty joy.  Maison Grazia is right on the corner of Carrera Quinta and Calle 69.  A lovely space that combines inside and outside with a slick black facade.  A five-meter tall vertical garden that serves as a backdrop to the glass island pastry counter tricks out the design and furniture concept by Oda Asociados Ltda.

Thank you Chefs – you have finally brought true culinary artistry to Colombia!

choux, lime tart

Maison Grazia Patisserie

(57) 1 702-1115
Calle 69#5-04  Bogotá, Colombia

7:00  – 19:00   Tuesday – Saturday
9:00  –   7:00   Sunday

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