Master-Piece is another of the great design stores that one should visit while in Kyoto.  MasterPiece specializes in waterproof bags; thoroughly designed with all the correct compartments, straps and details.

Master-Piece started as a company dedicated to creating all-weather gear for sailors and marine workers.  Then changing with the times to include consumer goods.  All made with impeccable Japanese quality.

This falls, once again, into a should’ve, would’ve, could’ve category; where we regret not purchasing one of the expensive, but of excellent value shoulder bags.  Yes they are not cheap; but that is exactly the point.  This is an item that will last and serve you well throughout.

MSPC Store 008 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
MSPC Store 005 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
MSPC Store 002 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
MSPC Store 007 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
MSPC Store 04 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
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If for nothing else visit the store the store in Kyoto for its small cafe with view to an amazing garden and enjoy a delicious green tea latte :)

There are also outposts in Tokyo and Osaka and the bags are available in luxury department stores throughout Japan.

MSPC Store 003 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
MSPC Store 001 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto
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green tea cappuccino

(81)  75.231.6828
区三条通富小路東入中之町26 Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto, 〒  604-8083, Japan

Open Hours:
11:00-20:00    Daily

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