When looking for a Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, consider a visit to the informal restaurant chef Nandu Jubany.  You can learn more about Jubany as he is a member of the “Science & Cooking” talks at Harvard University.

The restaurant itself is of modern design, with clean lines and a general air of significance.   A combination of formality and professionalism abound.

Our amuse bouche was a calamari salad and potato pillows.  They were quite elaborate via the effect of double frying at different temperatures.

Potato Pillows at Petit Comité Michelin restaurant in barcelona

Of course,  we had the Catalan staples of cocas con tomate (bread with tomato), and  escalibada,  (grilled vegetables) with anchovies and romesco sauce. (We would probably order a bowl of the Romesco if possible!)

above photos © Garrett Ziegler & © Petit Comité

The grilled octopus with  mashed potatoes and cayenne were good, but what we liked best was the esqueixada bacalla  (fresh flaked salty cod)  with tomato. It was very fresh and tender (and didn’t give me my Octopus guilt trip).

The Truita de botifarra (open omelette) with morels, goat cheese and tomato bread read delicious on the menu. In actuality, the eggs were too dry and the effect was lost.

Overall, it was quite a nice meal. What you would expect from a Michelin restaurant in Barcelona. We left quite happy and satisfied!

Petit Comité Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Contact Info: Petit Comité Barcelona

(34) 93 – 550 0620
Passatge de la Concepció, 13
Eixample District
08008 Barcelona, Spain


Open Hours:
13:00 – 16:00   Lunch Everyday
20:00 – 23:00    Diner Everyday

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