Our particular criteria of “best” had our email was filling up with requests to help find the best places to go to eat, to shop, to explore, experience. The best does not mean the most expensive and it doesn’t need luxury. The best implies quality and truth. True to itself; striving in the short term to be of the highest quality; or honed by natural selection for millennia. There are multiple paths; and when you arrive at something True; you know you have the best.

“So …. you guys went to Tokyo, right?”
“Where is the best place to go for dinner in Istanbul?”
“Where is the best place to stay in Tulum?”
“Hey, I need to impress clients in Mexico City, where do I take them?”

In 2008, After creating a lengthy itinerary through Europe for a friend – with locations, photos, timings, etc … we realized a blog was needed. Something pretty new at the time!

We are particular. That kind of particular that would rather go hungry than comprise on an average lunch. The kind who regularly walk the extra 10,000 steps to get the best coffee.

We both follow our noses (often literally) and have a natural luck when finding the quality spots in any location. Often even surprising the locals! 

In Instanbul, we followed the wafting scent of garlic for three blocks to a small kebab shop. Later at the hotel, the desk manager was amazed at how we possibly found Canım Ciğerim – considered one of the best kebabs in a city of 15,000,000 souls.

Searching, discovering and sharing the unique people, places and experiences that make every square meter of this world unique!

Simply, A Blog Voyage exists to showcase those businesses, locations that provide a level of purity of purpose and excellence; that stands out from those around them.  Places need not be luxurious, to be blog-worthy, but they can be.  Restaurants do not have to have all-star chefs, though some do.  We are not chasing those locations with accolades.  It does not have to have a high design aesthetic, but it helps!  Food does not have to be pretty, but it damn well has to taste divine. Etc… 

Feel free to drop us an email to hello@ablogvoyage.com with any particular location you have found that you think the best. We would love to share, explore and experience!

Thanks for you interest and we hope you find some joy here on Ablogvoyage.

Giordana Matmos

If you can guess which post this is from … a prize !

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  1. Congratulations, I don’t know you, but it’s always a pleasure to find people you connect! I am realizing that the latest ‘connected’ people are from New York. It’s not difficult to know why but it still surprising me.
    I share your joyful energetic vision of life, discovering, enjoying, sharing.

    Greetings from Beijing.

    Alberto López

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