Today – August 9th, 2009 marks the 1 year anniversary of our 1st post.  One I put together on my changing experience through the years of arriving at El Dorado Int’l Airport in Bogota, Colombia.  Starting from the early days when the airport was full of money changing hustlers and I was a green eyed gringo new to the continent!

10 years after that first visit to Colombia, I’m happy that we have landed on 5 Continents! (Oceania & Antarctica here we come!)

Our love of travel really comes down to the joy of seeing the “how” of different world views.  Views that are expressed in thought, architecture, cuisine, art, stories, …

We started writing this blog as a result of  consistent requests asking for recommendations and advice on travel and dining.  We are continually adding, subtracting and revisiting our mental list.  Always striving for openess to all things regardless of their apparent status – and try judge everything based on their own merits.  Thus we are equally excited by the kebab shop in working class Istanbul that puts out the most delectable of  grills as we are of the Palais Rhoule outside of Marrakesh (just imaging a 5 star hip-hop video set! LOL!).

Thank you for reading this and please drop us a line anytime !

Ethan & Ondina

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