Not far from Shinjuku train station, we find the Owl Cafe Tokyo perched in a petite 5th floor studio apartment of a modest building. In a quintessential Japanese moment, we find 8 types of owls eyeing us while we sip tea.

The words Owl Cafe as often end with a “?” as a “.” What qualifies this as a cafe is because you are paying for the tea, not completely mesmerizing and delightful experience of hanging out with OWLS !!!

Book in advance; there is very limited space and availability in this owl rescue.

There are 10 minutes where you are stared at and scrutinized; judged and inspected. Warily watched, your movements noted. Then you are rewarded with a moment to treasure.

mini spotted owl at Owl Cafe Tokyo

The actual experience starts as one of amazement and ends with a heart full of Love. First you wash your hands. Then, sanitized, you receive instruction on how to handle owls. After this an acclimatization period begins.

10 minutes of where you are stared at and scrutinized; judged and inspected. Warily watched and your movements noted.

This gauntlet of avian judgement is well rewarded. As then the owls perch on your shoulder and relax on your arm. It is wonderful to receive the affection of any animal. To feel the lightness and magic of an owl is something quite special.

owl face at Owl Cafe Tokyo
owl  at Owl Cafe Tokyo
owl eye at Owl Cafe Tokyo

Owl Cafe Tokyo

(81)  35.925.8780
3-35-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Apt 5F
Tokyo  160-0022 , Japan

Open Hours:
12:00 – 21:00    Monday – Friday
11:00 – 20:00    Saturday – Sunday

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