Opened in 2006, the P.S. Bookshop, selling used and out of print books in DUMBO, Brooklyn, is at the top in its genre in the whole of NYC.   Neatly organized with may categories, they buy and sell all sorts of printed matter.

As you enter there are a large Magazine display and a couple of postcard trees- selling funky, obscure prints.  Then, in the first room, you find Architecture, Art, Fashion, Photography, Graphic Novels, and everything related to Design & the Arts.  Tucked to the side, is a locked cabinet with their fine selection of rare, first editions and collectibles.  I was lucky enough to peruse an Arthur Rackham illustrated the first edition.

Tucked behind a low row of books and the counter is a section dedicated to children and young adults.  A wonderland of stories along with a play area for very young ones their parents.

 DUMBO, Brooklyn
P.S. Bookshop DUMBO, Brooklyn

The back half of the shop is a high ceiling-ed, well-fenestrated space home to a loving labyrinth of bookshelves cradling all your favorite fiction, history, literature, poetry, etc.

The selection is extensive in every area, surprising you on every shelf with obscure titles, exciting topics, translations of your favorites, and signed copies.  The P.S. Bookshop is one of those lovely bookstores that you should allow yourself the time and pleasure of presenting in the joy of the printed page.  Grab a book and curl up in one of the comfy chairs dotted around and enjoy.

Last, but most importantly, the staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and kind.

P.S. Bookshop DUMBO, Brooklyn
P.S. Bookshop DUMBO, Brooklyn
P.S. Bookshop DUMBO, Brooklyn

P.S. Bookshop

(1)  718 – 222 3340
145-A Front  Street
Dumbo Brooklyn, NY 11201

10:00  – 20:00   Daily

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  2. This is easily the best all-around bookshop in the city (more manageable than the Strand) and a source of pride for our neighborhood.

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