Santa Caterina Market – Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market, is the oldest covered food market in Barcelona, it was built in1865 on the site of the Convent of Santa Caterina.

It was remodeled in 2005, by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue, into a modern structure  with a mosaic tile  undulated roof.

We like the Santa Caterina Market as it is much less touristic then the Boqueria.  Here you actually see locals byung groceries – as supposed to the Boqueria’s packs of bus tourists!

Header Photo © Rick Ligthelm

Photo © Ceramica Cumella

The wares are pure Cataluña, with fresh seafood in all its forms dominating the scene. If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen in Barcelona, The Santa Caterina food market is a great place to stock up!

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Maimon Sushi – Kanazawa

Maimon Sushi has a few locations around the Kanazawa area.  The main one at the Hundred Avenue Mall is a bustling suburban family favorite.  Packed with locals it is fairly far outside the main city and only worth it if you are in town for a few days,  as it is very popular and the waiting can be long; but the food is delicious.

The other option is the 14 seat counter at Kanazawa station here you get an a la carte selection vs. the sushi boat style at the principal location which is much more fun!

Photo © Maimon
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KADIKÖY – Istanbul, Turkey



Istanbul, Turkey

Kadıköy  is a lovely district on the Asian side near the mouth of the Bosphorus on the north coast of the Sea of Marmara.  It sits near the anciant site of Chalcedon and  is a must visit!  Regretfully, we left Kadıköy to the end of our journey and had limited time.  We had just enough to realize that on our next visit to Istanbul, Kadıköy is where we will spend most of our time; in the small streets and some of the best food shopping in the city!

Kadıköy is a labyrinth of lively cobbled streets and small buildings with cafes, restaurants, book stores,  antique shops or simply stalls selling the freshest produce we saw.

In the street markets, there are a couple of places not to miss:
The Şekerci Cafer Erol – a wonderful candy store and the famous Ciya

It very easy to get to Kadıköy by ferry; so do it soon after you arrive to Istanbul !!













Kama Asa Shoten – Tokyo

On the main street in Kappabashi’s (Kitchen Town), not far from the famous Asakusa, Kama Asa Shoten has two stores.  The one at the corner sells general kitchenware, while the other next door specializes in knives and specialty tools; such as sharkskin wasabi graters, Nambu Ironware, Kama and Kamado cauldrons, Kezuri-ki Dried Bonito Plane, Yuki-hira, Yattoko saucepans and Brick charcoal grills.

Being the latest ‘must have’ souvenir; a Japanese Kitchen knife is a joy to shop for and own.   Play with and sped an hour choosing the perfect kitchen tool(s) for yourself.  Each hand experiences each blade singularly. And when finished, they will engrave it for you; a true one of a kind purchase.

A short excerpt from the website explains the stores philosophy.  This is a highly recommended side trip for all professional chefs and anyone who loves the kitchen!

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Higashiyama Higashi Chaya District

Kanazawa is a lovely city on the northern coast of the island of Honshu about 500km and a pleasant Shinkansen train ride form Tokyo.  Kanazawa is known for its castle, gardens and  three lovely historical edo-era geisha districts; Kazue-Machi, the smallest by the river, Naga Machi Buke or the Samurai Districtand the Higashiyama Higashi Chaya District being the largest

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