Like stepping into a sci-fi conference-hall, the Polyforum Siqueiros is a transporting marvel. The Suclpainting technique of David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) creates a three-dimensional interior mural that takes over your mind – it is the largest in the world.  If we were to make a cult-movie where the leader gets all of his followers to obey – this is the space.

(above photo foregound the creators statue of artist David Alfaro Siqueiros & benefactor Manuel Suarez y Suarez)

Poliforum Siqueiros 010 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
Poliforum Siqueiros 022 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
“Peace, Culture & Harmony” east wall
Poliforum Siqueiros 003 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
Poliforum Siqueiros 024 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
“Science & Technology” west wall

The outer Mural represents the leadership, the dead and the reborn tree, the circus, Moses breaking the law stones, Jesus the leader, the dance and flee of winter and summer, the Mestizaje, the music and the atom.  Each face of the outer mural holds great philosophical symbolism related to the lectures of the forum’s inner mural

The interior space, known as the Foro Universal, is dominated by “The March of Humanity”, Siqueiros’s masterwork.  A lifelong communist and advocate for social equality, David Alfaro Siqueiros was a member of the big three of Latin Art – including himself along with Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco. The main theme of this 237.6 square meter mind-bending mural is the evolution of man to a society where justice and freedom are truly integrated concepts.

It is awe inspiring in its scale and grandeur. Construction on the Polyforum was started in 1966, after it was decided to move the mural from its original location at a hotel conference center at the Hotel Casino de la Selva in Cuernavaca.  Inaugurated in 1971, it is used today for political meetings, concerts, readings and gallery exhibitions.

Poliforum Siqueiros 011 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX

The lobby area is a sleek white modern contrast that is does not quite prepare you for the onslaught of color you will find upon entering the main space. It is much more a 2001: A Space Odyssey foil to the sci-fi feel of the Foro Universal – with its white on white interiors and lines that curve.  The lobby is used as an exhibition space, as well as housing a small by design shop that features some of the best creations in Mexican contemporary jewelry, ceramics, books clothing, home objects and more.

Poliforum Siqueiros 007 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
Poliforum Siqueiros 006 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX

The mural is divided in four sections:

“The March of Humanity towards the Bourgeois democratic Revolution”  on the south side, represented by multitudes advancing from darkens into a civilization of light.
“The March of Humanity towards the Future Revolution” on the north side showing the hope and obstacles in life and the difficulties in conquering victory towards a further future.
“Peace, Culture & Harmony” on the east side manifested with women’s hands
“Science & Technology”  on the west side manifested with man’s hands

Tip: On Sundays the interior platform spins – yes there is a turntable too!

Poliforum Siqueiros 016 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
detail of The March of Humanity towards the Bourgeois democratic Revolution”  south wall
Poliforum Siqueiros 014 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
detail of “The March of Humanity towards the Future Revolution”  north wall
Poliforum Siqueiros 018 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX
“Peace, Culture & Harmony” east wall

To celebrate the 50 years of the Mexican mural movement, David Alfaro Siqueiros created a very unique portrait mural, also known as the Barda Mural.  From Left:  Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, José Guadalupe Posada, Leopoldo MéndezGerardo Murillo

Poliforum Siqueiros 005 | Polyforum Siqueiros   –  CDMX

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