The first thing that catches the eye at Montreal’s Pullman is the large centerpiece – a wine grass chandelier.  Quite a remarkable and clever design for wine bar.

While on first glance Pullman seems small and unassuming, it is largely due to the clever design of the space by Cabinet Braun-Braën.  The  restaurant is divided into small vignettes over its multilevel retro-futuristic expanse; Pullman is large enough to host 150 guests.  All of whom are enjoying their lovely meals in tranquility!

Pullman 015 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Front: crispy green beans with truffle oil and roasted almonds; Back: port-steeped cheddar grilled cheese

The tapas menu is a simple check-box card to be filled in with the provided pencils; very practical and fun.  The wine menu, however,  is a bit overwhelming with more then 340 choices!

Pullman delights in all respects.  I would say that the photos of the food do them justice.  The dishes are as tasty as they are attractive!

Pullman 013 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Russian style gravlax, curated in sea salt, accompanied by hard boiled quail eggs (cooked to perfection, no sulfur stain aground the yolk), cream, salmon roe, condiments and blinis
Pullman 004 | Pullman  –  Montreal
warm plate of winter vegetables on a bed of saffron mayo and a crown pretzel
Pullman 007 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Reggiano parmesan croquettes with a smoked piperade
Pullman 009 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Ricotta Gnocchi, Roasted Tomato Fondue and Basil
Pullman 012 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Russian style gravlax, cream, salmon roe, and blinis
Pullman 005 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Mixed fried mushrooms, crostini and watercress
Pullman 000 | Pullman  –  Montreal
Wild scallops carpaccio with olive oil, daisy buttons and spring greens
pullman7 | Pullman  –  Montreal
photo © Bruno Braën
photo © Bruno Braën

Wine Bar and Tapas Bar
(1) 514 288-7779
424 Avenue du Parc,
Montréal (QC)  H2X 2H5 Canada

4:30 pm – 1:00am  Daily

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