Pure Veggie House is fantastic!  Not very easy to find, but one of those gems when you do.  I mean, we would NEVER have found this place on our own. A local friend brought us here – which involved a taxi ride up the hill to a nondescript corner;  a narrow lobby and elevator up one of the ‘chopstick’ buildings and then we finally spilled out into a vegetarian oasis.

Hong Kong has a verticality that is beyond what I was able to imagine – and this was after we had been to Tokyo – where you routinely head to a 4th floor for retail.   Pure Veggie House, may not have been the highest floor we visited (we topped out at the non-blog worthy hotels 110th floor bar) – but considering that it was situated on top of a mountain to begin with – it may have been the highest in overall elevation :)

Glutinous dumpling w/ sesame & peanut powder, Deep-fried sesame glutinous rice ball – photo © Pure Veggie House

Each dish was lovingly crafted with ingredients cultivated from the restaurants very own   ‘Kang Zhi Yuan Ecological Farm’.    Sauces, spices, flavors sung.  In Hong Kong, we found the few vegetarian spots to be the best, as the food was much less greasy and much more palatable.   So grab a taxi and head “up” to the Pure Veggie House :)

Matsutake Mushroom pouches  with black truffle sauce – photo © Pure Veggie House
Sesame Roll – photo © Pure Veggie House
photo © Pure Veggie House
Bean curd skin roll with assorted mushroom – photo © Pure Veggie House
photo © Pure Veggie House
  1. Red dates pudding
  2. braised lotus seeds wrapped in sliced winter melon
  3. Deep fried enoki mushrooms with spiced salt
  4. chilled king oyster mushroom sashimi

Pure Veggie House

(852)  2.525 0552
3/F, Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Central, HK


Open Hours:
10:00 – 22:30    Daily

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