Completed in 1905 after 54 years of construction, St. Stephen’s Basilica was named after the first King of Hungary (975–1038); whose mummified right hand is kept in the reliquary.  The building is an absolutely magnificent carved work of art.  The dome is 96m high and filters daylight in a magical way, reflecting in guided textures the detail of the mosaics. Absolutely breathtaking.

A good tip is to bring binoculars so you can see the details of the mosaics (they are so intricate they can easily be mistaken for frescos!!).  Make sure you walk all around the building; and know you can walk up to the cupola for some great views of the city

Attending mass outside of visiting hours gives a different perspective on this lovely cathedral.  Be sure to also find out about any of the organ concerts often happening- they are sonically stunning!

Top Budapest Places, St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest
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Top Budapest Places, St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest
Top Budapest Places, St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest

Szent István Bazilika

(St. Stephen’s Basilica)
(36) 1 – 311 0839
1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 7. II. em.
Budapest, Hungary

10:00  – 16:00  Daily
  9:00  – 17:00  Daily