+ Kurokawa Onsen 025 1 | Kurokawa Onsen  黒川温泉 –  Kyūshū

Kurokawa Onsen 黒川温泉 – Kyūshū

It is hard to say if the Ghibli-esque village of Kurokawa Onsen is nestled into the land, or is a an organic growth out of it. An entity that emerged magical and complete with buildings and pathways. Something placed by the ancient forest gods to lure humans to settle. Sitting empty for millennia, waiting with its own mysterious purposes. Which are now fulfilled with… Read More

+ Kyyomizu Dera Temple 0 | Kyomizu Dera  -  Kyōto

Kyomizu Dera – Kyōto

Located up mount Otowain above Kyoto’s Higashiyama Ward, Kyomizu Dera is one of the most impressive structures of ancient Japan (and holds one of the best views in Kyoto!).

+ Daigo ji 048 | Daigoji  –  Kyōto

Daigoji – Kyōto

The Daigoji complex, a Shingon Buddhist temple in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan holds eighteen national treasures.  It holds one of the most beautiful gardens in all Kyoto. The perfect place to contemplate the colors of fall and the blooms of spring.

+ Hagia Sophia Brian Jeffery Beggerly | Hagia Sophia  –  Istanbul

Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia is the most important Byzantine structure and one of the world’s great monuments. This incredible structure has been a church for 916 years, a mosque for 482 years and now a museum for for over 82 years!