+ Pullman 003 | Pullman  –  Montreal

Pullman – Montreal

At Montreal’s Pullman wine bar, the tapas menu is a simple check-box card to be filled in with the provided pencils; very practical and fun. The wine menu, however, is a bit overwhelming with more then 340 choices!

Pullman delights in all respects. I would say that the photos of the food do them justice. The dishes are as tasty as they are attractive!

+ BOTA BOTA SP Sid Lee 03b | Bota Bota Spa  –  Montreal

Bota Bota Spa – Montreal

A 52-meter long floating ferry, converted into a Scandinavian style spa by Sid Lee Architecture, on the St. Lawrence River provides perfect views of Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 and BuckyFuller’s geodesic dome; as well as a lovely place to grab a bit of hot and sun near old Montreal.

+ Patria bg 51 | Patria  –  Toronto

Patria – Toronto

Wandering by an alley on Toronto’s busy King St. West, we were surprise to glimpse a glow and lively vibe emanating from its depths.   Upon entry,  you are impressed with the striking decor and full-on art-piece by Laura Carwardine.  Laid over a two-story mural designed by Marlo Onilla, the installation of 17,000 knitted cross stitches. Patria is another part of Charles Khabouth’s INK Entertainment.  Charles Khabouth is… Read More

+ Weslodge 05 | Weslodge  –  Toronto

Weslodge – Toronto

Striking would be the word for this wild game meets urban dandy brunch Den.  The hunting theme decor sets the tone to another trendy spot by Toronto’s night life mogul Charles Khabouth. Quite obviously, the menu is heavy on the meat side – but there are good options all around.  The decor pulled us in for brunch regardless.  The limited menu was countered by … Read More