+ Ganem 164 | El Abaco – Cartagena

El Abaco – Cartagena

Beautiful Bookstore Cafe with Free wireless internet.  The Cafe offers fresh fruit juices, wine, tea coffee and assorted baked treats. Although a smaller shop, Abaco Libros manages to have a broad selection of Spanish, as well as English, books.  This is literary hub of Cartagena and the Place to find out about current Cultural events; just ask at the counter. Cartagena is a City… Read More

+ Juan Valdez 010 | Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena

Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena

The best coffee in Cartagena de indias also opened every day (rare)  located at a small square in the old city across from the Universidad of Cartagena. The shop has Wireless Internet Service all you need to do is buy a coffee or a pastry and ask the cashier for the code, this will give you about 30 minutes connection service so just buy… Read More

+ Ganem 070 | Ganem Loft - Cartagena de Indias

Ganem Loft – Cartagena de Indias

Loft for rent in the old city of Cartagena.

+ basurto 19 e1587335292999 | Basurto – Cartagena

Basurto – Cartagena

Entering the market of Basurto in Cartagena is like stepping off the edge of society and dropping into the abyss of humanity.  Inside one finds all aspects of our species; from destructive abundance of the fish fields-  with machetes raining down, flashing, sending scales scattering, raindrops smattering on your feet – To the endless aisles of fresh vegetables softly lofting their sweet smells, purging the air… Read More