Kaymaklı Underground City – Cappadocia

About 19 km from Nevşehir – in Anatolia, Turkey – hidden from view, are a total of 36 underground cities.

As you pass through these warrens, you can’t help but imagining them bustling with life – as entire lives began and ended out of site of the sun!


Göreme Open Air Museum

A short and pleasant walk, about 1.5 km, southeast of Göreme town lies the “Open Air Museum”, which is the Turkish region of Cappadocia’s principal attraction; for good reason! The Göreme Open Air Museum is a monastic complex of medieval cave churches, carved out by Orthodox monks, and embellished with Byzantine frescoes dating from 900-1200 AD.


Aydinli Cave Hotel in Göreme

Aydinli Cave Hotel is a small, family-run hotel  with Mustafa Demirci being the head of the family and his super charming son Cem

charming rooftop terrace with a panoramic view of Goreme