+ Museo de Antropologia 086 Chac Mool | Museo Nacional de Antropologia  -  CDMX

Museo Nacional de Antropologia – CDMX

Mexico City’s Museo Nacional de Antropología is a wonderful achievement of modern architecture to house some of the most significant achievements of Mexican culture and heritage. World class and a must see for any visitor to Mexico DF !

+ Bazar del Sabado 015 | El Bazaar Sabado  -  Mexico City

El Bazaar Sabado – Mexico City

Mexico City’s Bazaar Sabato has been humming since 1960, yes, as a weekend destination for the the tourists!  
The entire area is lovely to walk around, with cobblestone streets, colonial houses beautifully kept full of color and happiness :)

+ Estella Luz 002 | Estela de Luz  -  Mexico City

Estela de Luz – Mexico City

To honor Mexico’s 200th year of independence from Spain, an open competition produced the impressive Estela de Luz. . The winning design by architect César Pérez Becerril consists of 1,700 panels of  translucent quartz designed on a 104 meters height structure.  It is a real marvel, this ‘Pillar of Light’. . César Pérez in conjunction with Austrian Robert Müller, devised a special engineered material that expands the… Read More

+ Celeste 04 | Celeste House  –  CDMX

Celeste House – CDMX

Envisioned in 2010 by Celeste Magazine editor Vanesa Fernández and her husband artist Aldo Chaparro this amazing gallery lives in a very chic 1940s house restored by Productora Architects.  The result is a truly amazing job – specifically the ingenious placement of the cement tiles and the design of a modernist Vienna coffee shop The house is located in the Anzures neighborhood of Mexico City, a lovely area where… Read More