Dulce Patria Restaurant – CDMX

Mexico City’s Dulce Patria dish’s aesthetic are eclipsed by its flavor; and that for all its beauty, artistry and glamour, Dulce Patria exudes a feeling of love and acceptance; A warmth that is often lacking in upscale establishments. Kudos to one of our favorite restaurants we’ve found world-wide.


Torre Arcos Bosques – Mexico

Each city and culture creates its own architectural identity that both defines and reflects its heart. Mexico DF, like the country, has a beautiful dynamism that reaches from their Mayan past, through the Communist leaning ’50’s and looks forward into a technological future. The Torre Arcos Bosques is formed from this ideology and portrays it through its grand design.


La Balance Patisserie – Mexico City

Just around the bend from the Hotel Condesa DF, we found this perfect little coffee spot. The chic design features furniture by industrial designer Luis Mercado and the decorated with stenciled drawings of culinary equipment on chalk board. The pastries are delicious and …

Camino Real Polanco – Mexico City

Strolling on our way from Roma to Polanco, we passed the Hotel Camino Real. It has an awesome facade by Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta and I’m sure an equally mod interior to match.

Most exciting was the fountain in the entry. It was unlike any we had previously seen. Instead of the normal geysers and sprays, this was an homage to the oceans power; a constant swirl of motion and just mesmerizing to watch.