+ Monmouth Coffee 004 | Monmouth Coffee  -  London

Monmouth Coffee – London

Monmouth Coffee. Speak those two words to any coffee-lover who knows London and a soft smile will appear on their lips; a knowing glow in their eyes.

+ La Colombe 010 | La Colombe Coffee Shop -  New York

La Colombe Coffee Shop – New York

The design pulled us in, and the coffee had us coming back. We were pleasantly surprised by La Colombe (no relationship to Colombia, fyi). The Soho, New York location is excellent in its centrality, you are sure to be near it on any journey downtown, and it fills a major geographical coffee gap between the East & West Villages’ cafes. There are 2 other locations in New York City, 2 in Philadelphia and a representative in Chicago and Seoul, South Korea.

+ Blue Bottle 001 | Blue Bottle Coffee  -  San Francisco

Blue Bottle Coffee – San Francisco

This San Francisco Institution is named after Central Europe’s first coffee house “The Blue Bottle” in Vienna. It helped pioneer the new coffee era of small-batch artisan Microroasting.

+ Cole Cofee 002 | Cole Coffee  -  Berkeley

Cole Coffee – Berkeley

The real appeal of Cole Coffee- outside the delicious brews of course- is the nice outdor seating and the excellent social scene. It was quite obviously the spot for the locals. There was a great mix of singles and families, straights and funkys, groups of friends who arrived together and groups of friends who met there. If I lived in the area, I would surely be one of the hangers out!