+ Caffe Luxxe 013 | Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica

Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica

Caffe Luxxe was by far the best coffeehouse we visited whilst in LA. Their glittering Italian coffee machine creates wonderful cups of cafe bliss under the hands of their knowledgeable baristas

+ Cafe Diglas 03 | Café Diglas - Vienna

Café Diglas – Vienna

Another of the many fine examples of the Viennese coffehouse the Café Central is a great place to escape the throngs.

+ Cafe Callas 4 | Callas Café of Budapest

Callas Café of Budapest

Renovated in 2006, the beautiful art deco Callas Café offers slow service, good coffee and absolutely amazing location- right next to the Opera House.

+ NY Cafe 002 2 | New York Café  -  Budapest

New York Café – Budapest

The room itself is lavish rococo which when renovated, consisted of guilding everything. Except the too modern chairs and tables- which fail to blend into the style in which it was renovated.