+ Cafe Central a.canvas.of .light | Café Central  - Vienna

Café Central – Vienna

The Café Central was designed by architect Heinrich von Ferstel as a bank.  It was converted into a coffeehouse in 1860 and today finds itself one of the most famous of Vienna’s cafés. Central was a regular meeting place for late 19th century intellectuals when it went by the name Die Schachhochschule.  Its clientele included architect Adolf Loos, Mathematician Leo Perutz, and Novelist Hugo… Read More

+ Kavehaz 00 0 | Művész Kávéház  -  Budapest

Művész Kávéház – Budapest

Stopping in the lovely Művész Kávéház coffee house before or after the Opera is a wonderful plan. The desserts are amazing and during the warmer months, the outdoor seating is quite pleasant.

+ Cafe Dorottya 001 | Café Dorottya  -  Budapest

Café Dorottya – Budapest

wo blocks from the Four Seasons Hotel and on the edge of the Vörösmarty Square one finds the medium-sized Café Dorottya. Complete with modest decoration, FREE WIFI, and the best service in Budapest, Vathy Tamas, son the proprietor, makes you feel at home while he shares information on local activities and Hungarian wine! mmmm.

+ Café Restaurant Corbaci | Café Restaurant Corbaci – Vienna

Café Restaurant Corbaci – Vienna

Café-Restaurant Corbaci (formally the Café-Restaurant Una) is located in one of the original wings of the imperial stables.  The vaulted ceilings are covered with a beautiful pattern of oriental tiles designed by Asiye Kolbai-Kafalier (Vienna).  The atmosphere is a bit minimalist and cold (It is Austria!), but it is definitely worth visiting to enjoy the work of architects Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal.