Robot Restaurant – Tokyo

If you are fan of over-the top Japan; then The Robot Restaurant Tokyo is a MUST! “Restaurant” is a bit of a misnomer; more like “Sensory Overload Sensation with beer and popcorn”


Reiyukai Shakaden Temple – Tōkyo

One can count the space age the black star temple of Reiyukai Shakaden Temple among the many places in Tokyo that seem straight out of a Science Fiction movie!


Higashiyama District– Kyoto

Kyoto’s Higashiyama district is a happening area with souvenir stores, cafes, restaurants galleries and much much more.

An exploration of the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition

If you are in Japan, GO to the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition – IREX – at Tokyo Big Sight!! You are witnessing the future of humanity (and not-humanity) at the beginning of its era – perhaps one day to get its own scientific classification? The Robotolithic age ?