Le Grand Bleu – Tokyo

Tokyo’s Le Grand Bleu is a rock fashion boutique and every rockstar touring Japan makes a stop here.  The US based equivalent would be LA’s Maxfield, but it is not really an equivalent.

Kama Asa Shoten – Tokyo

On the main street in Tokyo’s Kappabashi’s (Kitchen Town), not far from the famous Asakusa, Kama Asa Shotensells general kitchenware, and specializes in knives and specialty tools. A must for all professional chefs and amateur home cooks!


Mott 32 – Hong Kong

Mott 32 is a true beauty.  With and extraordinary interior by Joice Wang (winner of the 2014 restaurant interior design award). The food menu for us was a bit too traditional with their signature peking duck and mountains of pork. Mott’s 32 cocktail menu is fantastic. The flavours are truly local, extensively creative


Loos American Bar – Vienna

Miniscule but grand, intimate yet expansive, Loos Bar American plays on an optical trick of parallel mirrors endlessly reflecting the onyx balustrades and reddish Skyros marble of the high ceiling. The actual bar is only 4.45m (14′) wide by 6.15 (20′) long

This dark, alluring, smoke filled bar, designed in 1908 by Adolf Loos, is a must for architecture lovers and drinkers alike.