+ MSPC Store 04 | Masterpiece  –  Kyoto

Masterpiece – Kyoto

Master-Piece is another of the great design stores that one should visit while in Kyoto. MasterPiece specializes in waterproof bags; thoroughly designed with all the correct compartments, straps and details.

+ h21 | Mott 32  -  Hong Kong

Mott 32 – Hong Kong

Mott 32 is a true beauty.  With and extraordinary interior by Joice Wang (winner of the 2014 restaurant interior design award). The food menu for us was a bit too traditional with their signature peking duck and mountains of pork. Mott’s 32 cocktail menu is fantastic. The flavours are truly local, extensively creative

+ Ammo 00 | Ammo - Hong Kong

Ammo – Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Ammo is  very well put together, you realize the as you take in the different elements every detail starts gaining importance, from the green velvet banquettes by the window. to the wood choices.  

The menu is designed by chef Roland Schuller is a gentle  mix of east and west.  A menu that allows you to sample local flavors without pushing you out of a comfort zone.  Highly recommended are the Sous Vide Cocktails; quite an interesting take on some classics. 

+ SLS MIAMI Bazaar 018 | Jose Andres Bazaar in South Beach

Jose Andres Bazaar in South Beach

At Miami Beach’s Bazaar by Jose Andres, each dish was coordinated perfectly – from the stylish presentation to the exquisite finish. We really had a lovely meal – topped off with an extra Caipirinha (Made with Liquid Nitrogen table-side of course!! Stop by the SBE and have a lovely dinner!