Masterpiece – Kyoto

Master-Piece is another of the great design stores that one should visit while in Kyoto. MasterPiece specializes in waterproof bags; thoroughly designed with all the correct compartments, straps and details.


Bazaar – South Beach, Miami

At Miami Beach’s Bazaar by Jose Andres, each dish was coordinated perfectly – from the stylish presentation to the exquisite finish. We really had a lovely meal – topped off with an extra Caipirinha (Made with Liquid Nitrogen table-side of course!! Stop by the SBE and have a lovely dinner!


Hotel Condesa DF – Mexico City, Mexico

The much hyped and reviewed Condesa DF in Mexico City (DF) easily lives up to its reputation as a top design hotel. From its prime location, adjacent to a lovely art & tree filled park, in the chic Condesa district – think NYC’s West Village – to its distinctive triangular form, everything about the Condesa DF is sets it apart.


Unto This Last – London, UK

Unto This Last is a more then a showroom, the Brick Lane space is a workshop, including a CNC machine, where they can easily manufacture any of the designs to order. Lowering overhead and inventory, they are able to offer high design and a good price via On-demand, High Street Micro-Manufacturing.

Caravan – Boutique, Spitalfield’s Market, London

Caravan Gift Shop is a wonderful ‘flea market chic’ boutique, in the heart of Spitalfield’s market, London with an array of charming little objects. They tantalize with their complete needlessness and their absolutely irresistibility.