+ Limosneros 00000 | Limosneros – CDMX

Limosneros – CDMX

Limosneros (lit. Beggars in Spanish), is in the middle of, and possibly the best restaurant in, downtown CDMX. It is a lively crossing ground for multiple types of Mexican cuisine. Chef Atzin Santos deploys a tasting menu, taco menu and an a la carte menu. We appreciate the flexibility as one does not always want a full set menu. The cuisine likewise ranges from… Read More

+ lepetit | Petit Comité  -  Barcelona

Petit Comité – Barcelona

If you are looking for a Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, consider Petit Comité. The restaurant is of modern design, with clean lines and a general air of significance. A combination of formality and professionalism abound.

+ Hagashimaya District 011 | Higashiyama District–  Kyoto

Higashiyama District– Kyoto

Kyoto’s Higashiyama district is a happening area with souvenir stores, cafes, restaurants galleries and much much more.

+ Kyubei Sushi 008 | Ginza Kyubey  –  Tokyo

Ginza Kyubey – Tokyo

Kyubey is a restaurant you may be better off never going to. Since our meal, over a year ago, we have yet to be truly satisfied and happy at any other eatery.  Kyubey was that good. Everything about this flagship location is perfect.  You feel at home at the sushi bar.  It somehow remains intimate, even though 8 chefs line the bar and 10 private… Read More