+ | Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre  –  CDMX

Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre – CDMX

The Expendio de Maiz sin Nombre is an informal taqueria. At its heart is a formal dedication to and celebration of corn. Three simple questions greet you … “How hungry are you?” and “Do you have any food allergies?”, “What do you like?”

+ Limosneros 00000 | Limosneros – CDMX

Limosneros – CDMX

Limosneros (lit. Beggars in Spanish), is in the middle of, and possibly the best restaurant in, downtown CDMX. It is a lively crossing ground for multiple types of Mexican cuisine. Chef Atzin Santos deploys a tasting menu, taco menu and an a la carte menu. We appreciate the flexibility as one does not always want a full set menu. The cuisine likewise ranges from… Read More

+ lepetit | Petit Comité  -  Barcelona

Petit Comité – Barcelona

If you are looking for a Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, consider Petit Comité. The restaurant is of modern design, with clean lines and a general air of significance. A combination of formality and professionalism abound.

+ Hagashimaya District 011 | Higashiyama District–  Kyoto

Higashiyama District– Kyoto

Kyoto’s Higashiyama district is a happening area with souvenir stores, cafes, restaurants galleries and much much more.