Accords Wine Bar – Montreal, Canada

(above photo © Karim Zariffa ) Accords Wine Bar and Restaurant (1) 514 282-2020 212, rue Notre-Dame Ouest. Vieux-Montréal, Canada www.accords.ca OPEN HOURS: 11:30 am – 3:00pm  Monday – Friday 5:30 pm – 11:30pm  Tuesday – Saturday   On one evening strolling through the charming streets of old Montreal, we had the luck of stumbling upon Accords. First the aromas filtering through the doors… Read More


Bonito Pop Food – Mexico City, Mexico

In the very chic neighborhood of Condesa, in a lovely space – originally designed in 1939 by architect Luis Barragan – one finds the cute Bonito Pop Food. There are certainly worse places to while away an afternoon!


Nyood Restaurant – Totonto, Canada

Beautiful contemporary design with a dash of an austere industrial look belies the warmth found with the staff and food. One special detail we loved was they presented us the bill inside a book. Nyood is quite stylish and still retains charm – worth checking it out.


Ursa Restaurant – Toronto, Canada

Our favorite restaurant in Toronto by far, Ursa takes a modernist approach to the local, farm-to-table, blah blah blah. Chef Nathan utilizes techniques such as sous vide, dehydration and fast freezing combined with high quality, guilt free ingredients to create something truly world class.

GUU Izakaya – Toronto, Canada

First off, we had more fun at GUU then we have had at any restaurant in quite a while. From when you enter awash in the smells of a faraway home and the initial cheer of ‘irasshaimase!!!’ (a Japanese honorary welcome) on entry which is shouted from every direction by all the staff, as well as many patrons, giving one a surprise birthday party feeling – we, along with all the other diners, laughed, smiled, oohed, ahhed and generally giggled for the entire meal. The food being absolutely delicious and the beer flowing freely certainly added to the festive atmosphere!
GUU has 2 locations in Toronto