+ Ursa 016 | Ursa Restaurant  –  Toronto

Ursa Restaurant – Toronto

Our favorite restaurant in Toronto by far, Ursa takes a modernist approach to the local, farm-to-table, blah blah blah. Chef Nathan utilizes techniques such as sous vide, dehydration and fast freezing combined with high quality, guilt free ingredients to create something truly world class.

+ Guu  014 | GUU Izakaya  –  Toronto

GUU Izakaya – Toronto

First off, we had more fun at GUU then we have had at any restaurant in quite a while. From when you enter awash in the smells of a faraway home and the initial cheer of ‘irasshaimase!!!’ (a Japanese honorary welcome) on entry which is shouted from every direction by all the staff, as well as many patrons, giving one a surprise birthday party feeling – we, along with all the other diners, laughed, smiled, oohed, ahhed and generally giggled for the entire meal. The food being absolutely delicious and the beer flowing freely certainly added to the festive atmosphere!
GUU has 2 locations in Toronto

+ Konditor and Cook 000 | Konditor & Cook Bakery, London

Konditor & Cook Bakery, London

‘Konditor’ means pastry chef in German and pastry chef and creator Gerhard Jenne is German trained. This creates a wonderful combination of technique with british staples, evidenced, in what I feel confident to say, is the world’s foremost mince pie.

+ Las Quekas 003 | Las Quekas  -  Merida, Mexico

Las Quekas – Merida, Mexico

While in Mexico, we ate in some of the finest restaurants in the world (Biko, Pujol) and from old women making blue-corn tortillas by hand in the street. Somewhere in between these two lies Merida’s Las Quekas, who, just like everyone else takes the time to do it right.